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Joliet Multiple DUI Attorney

Joliet Multiple DUI Defense Lawyer

Experienced DUI Attorney Helping Clients with Mulitple DUIs in Joliet, IL

Penalties for repeat DUI offenders are significantly harsher than those for first-time offenders. You may face severe fines, mandatory jail time, a lengthy license suspension, and other long-term repercussions that can impact your personal and professional life.

At Honiotes Law Office, Ltd., we have extensive experience representing individuals who are facing multiple DUI charges. You can expect immediate and decisive action on your behalf from Attorney Kristine Honiotes. From DUI to homicide, she has successfully defended hundreds of clients.

Qualified DUI Defense

When it comes to repeat DUI offenses in Illinois, prosecutors take a tough stance on enforcement and punishment. The state recognizes that individuals who repeatedly drive under the influence pose a significant danger to public safety and must be held accountable for their actions.

If convicted of multiple DUI offenses within a certain period, usually within ten years, you may face escalating penalties such as:

  • Fines: Second-time offenders can expect substantially higher fines compared to first-time offenders. These fines can range from several thousand dollars up to tens of thousands, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.
  • Jail Time: Repeated DUI convictions often result in mandatory jail sentences.
  • License Suspension: A second DUI conviction will result in a longer driver's license suspension. Your driving privileges may be revoked for up to five years or even permanently, depending on the circumstances.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: Illinois law requires individuals convicted of multiple DUI offenses, especially third-time offenders, to install an IID in their vehicles at their own expense. This device measures blood alcohol content and prevents the vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected.
  • Mandatory Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs: Offenders with multiple DUI convictions are often required to complete substance abuse treatment programs as part of their sentencing.

A Strong Defense for Multiple DUI Charges

Honiotes Law Office, Ltd. will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your unique situation. With over 14 years of criminal defense experience, we understand that each case is different and requires personalized attention. Here is how we can help:

  • Evaluating Police Procedures: We will review all police reports, arrest records, breathalyzer tests, blood test results, and other evidence with meticulous detail. If there were any violations of your rights during the arrest process or errors made by law enforcement officers, we will challenge this evidence and fight for its exclusion in court.
  • Challenging Field Sobriety Tests: Many field sobriety tests administered by police officers are subjective and unreliable indicators of impairment. We know how to challenge these tests' accuracy based on factors such as weather conditions or medical conditions that could affect performance.
  • Skillfully Negotiating Plea Agreements: In some cases where guilt may be difficult to dispute due to previous convictions or overwhelming evidence against you, we may be able to negotiate a plea agreement that minimizes the penalties you face. We will fight for alternatives to jail time, such as rehab programs or community service.
  • Exploring Alternative Sentencing Options: Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may be able to help you secure alternative sentencing options such as electronic monitoring or probation instead of jail time.
  • Challenging Breathalyzer and Blood Test Results: Our team is well-versed in challenging breathalyzer and blood test results if there are any doubts about their accuracy. We can work with expert witnesses who can testify regarding potential flaws in testing procedures or equipment calibration.

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If you are facing multiple DUI charges, it is crucial to have a skilled defense attorney by your side who understands the complexities of these cases and has experience handling them successfully. At Honiotes Law Office, Ltd., we are committed to providing aggressive representation while ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Call us today at 815-409-7833 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation. Together, we will build a strong defense strategy tailored specifically to your situation and strive for the best possible outcome for your case.

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